Working with Egyptians

July 8, 2008

I have worked with many nationalities and many cultures – even though I haven’t been working for a long time.. But I can honestly say that I have not worked with a more comfortable group of people than the ones I’m working with now: Egyptians!

The thing about Egytians is that they are very formal and it takes alot of years to break the ice with one. This may seem like a negative thing, but it is perfect for the work space, especially if you don’t like to mix your personal life with your professional one.

I am a fan of Lebanese people, but they tend to get rather friendly quickly and my personality takes a longer time to adjust.. This scares me a bit and makes me feel like I’m cornered.

Kuwaitis of course (mostly) are lazy. If you talk business or work-related topics with a fellow Kuwaiti employee you are most likely to get the “ya m3awda” and “weddi bas 3ayzan” speech. It’s quite depressing when you’re exited and they bring you down!

Money does things for you.. This is one of them: work becomes a non-necessity and you end up being as productive as the chair you sit on.

One more thing about Egyptians, I used to watch their tv serials and laugh at how precautious the conversations were.. But they are actually natural! When you deal with Egyptians from that generation (40+) you realize that they actually do talk that way! Props for screenplay writers! 😉

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