10 things I miss about you…

July 13, 2008

She used to hate my coffee breath. I tease her. I come close to her. And when I’m about to kiss her I breath in her face. She’d push me away.. Hands and legs.. And yet she can’t keep me away. I kiss her anyway. I laugh at her yuck sounds.. I love coffee.. And I love her. It’s not my fault she hates it.

She used to curl her toes on my legs, asking for attention. I hold them.. Play with them.. Scratch and stretch them.. When I bring them close to my mouth.. She gets tickled.. Softly she says “la2.. la2.. la2” (no no no). Eventually starts kicking me.. 🙂

She hates it when I touch her underarms.. I like to caress them.. Just like every other part of her. She winces.. She laughs.. She curls on herself like a suffering kitten.. I laugh.. And let go..

She has a high pitched voice.. She sings out of tune.. But I love it.. I used to call her at night when I’m feeling down.. Tell her to sing for me.. She giggles and asks me what.. I say “tomorrow..” (song from Annie the broadway musical).. Will the sun shine tomorrow now that she no longer is mine?

She asks me a question. I say I don’t know.. She asks me again.. I say maybe this or that.. She asks me 10 more times.. I tell her what I think.. She says “I love how you have an opinion about everything.”

She used to sleep in my bed.. After half an hour the bedcovers are on her side.. After one hour she’s laying there diagonally.. I use up the rest of the space in the corner.. I can’t wake her up.. She looks so cute..

She wakes up on my bed.. She laughs.. If I didn’t wake her up then it’s her cold drool.. She’s so cute when she realizes she drooled on my sheet or pillow, an angelic mixture of embarrassment and giggles.

Her voice was the only one that made me feel better when I was down.. She talks to me.. It doesn’t matter what she says.. Even if she keeps saying “baby.. baby..” while I cry.. It’s enough to calm me down.

She used to like going places with me. If I was not there.. It wasn’t interesting enough.. She used to say she’d rather spend time with me than anyone else in the world.. I felt the same way.. I feel the same way.

She used to love me.. Like no other person has ever done in my life.. Not my mom, not my dad.. Not my entire family. She used to love me like I was the only one on this earth. I love her still.

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