Man, I feel like a woman!

July 24, 2008

Especially when I am in my car, reversing from that tight parking space, left hand on the wheel, right hand on the back of the passenger’s seat, leaning on my mobile that’s on my right shoulder, and looking back. What the hell?!! Worst part is I made the phone call! I could have waited for a minute, but nooooooo! I have to multitask and fail at it.

Face it, ladies. Women can’t drive. We simply suck at it. It requires too much testosterone.

4 Responses to “Man, I feel like a woman!”

  1. haute.pocket Says:

    I feel your pain. I’ve crashed two cars in the past 4 months. Haha.

  2. L's Brain Says:

    And how do you usually feel on other days? 😉

    Lol requires testosterone!

  3. cruxine Says:

    I am so proud of you! You are a woman at her best :p

    So is “L’s Brain” a refrence to the Death Note character or does it just refer to.. well.. your brain? :p
    Haha usually like a woman, but especially when I drive like an idiot. I always tell my friends I’m 20% guy.. And I usually use that 20% while I’m driving.

  4. L's Brain Says:

    Lol. I really don’t know what my nickname refers to 🙂

    and don’t ask me about the “♀” LOL they are so corny and lame!

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