Bitching: About Carmen

July 26, 2008


Hi, I am Carmen and everyone loves me.

Hi, I am Carmen and everyone loves me.


How come everytime I ask a friend of mine who she likes from the L Word she tells me Carmen?
Come on, girls, what the hell? First of all she totally emasculated Shane. Second of all, her style is terrible (totally heelgya). And from the entire cast, she is probably the only one other than the “Manny” who really has no acting skills. And to honest, she’s not that good looking either.. :/

So why? Why? Why does every dyke in Kuwait like Carmen?
I am completely puzzled. 

The only nice thing about her has to be her hair. And it looks like it hasn’t been washed for ages in this photograph. I rest my case!


7 Responses to “Bitching: About Carmen”

  1. L's Brain Says:

    I hate her. She is so annoying and has this extremely “casual” attitude! Unattractive. She and shane don’t make a sexy couple! they are too “friendly” with each other! Do you know what I mean?
    Not girly at all. She looks more tomboyish and acts more tomoyshily than Shane but in a covert way that escapes most people!

    Ambee 6abeet 3aleha 😦

  2. FINALLY! some common sense! 😛 well i guess everyone likes her because of her body and because she looks more middle eastern than the other cast members. My favs are Lara and Dana.

  3. CeCe Says:

    I don’t watch TV a lot, so I don’t know her. But I guess it’s because she looks Middle Eastern as what Dyke in Saudi said. And I must agree that her hair looks nice.

  4. M-Town Says:

    Okay I have never seen this show but from looking at Shane I kind of wish she was straight. I have no idea in hell why she (i hope it’s a she) is just looking good to me after I have drank 1/4 bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum and I feel weird :-S. i like your blog tho good stuff.

  5. hautepocket Says:

    I know nothing about this girl, other than she has pretty hair. haha.

  6. cruxine Says:

    We have something in common :p And I completely agree with you.

    Dyke in Saudi,
    My fave is Dana, but the prettiest is Lara. I sooo agree with you.

    I’m not sure you’d enjoy the show if you were straight. :p

    There’s actually a straight boy who has a crush on Shane for a while on the show.. You’re not alone in this world. :p

    She does! But it usually doesn’t look so oily. :p

  7. mafuzaharis Says:

    we dont have l-word in malaysia, but i saw a bit of it when i was in the US for a while. Too much drama for me, but boy, do i love sarah shahi. totally superficial reason: she’s hot! i would google her and watch clips of (only) her on youtube. i’m very much driven to learn spanish and/or persian because of her! hahahahah..!!

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