Losing my identity. WTF??

July 28, 2008

Please do watch this so-called video.
Please read the description. 

Excuse my abrupt and rude reaction, but WHAT THE FUCK?

There are so many things I’m not okay with in this video, I don’t even know where to start!

So this chick there is trying to tell me that not looking like a black object covered from head to toe makes us “lose our identities”? Is that symbolism really in place? And how dare she say it’s  “from a woman’s perspective”? I am a woman, I am a Kuwaiti, and this does NOT represent my percpective or my intake on things.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against wearing hijab (veil). If your understanding of your faith tells you that you ought to and you are convinced, then by all means do wear it. But when did wearing a jeans an a t-shirt start being considered a loss of identity? Will someone please explain to me why this lady thinks that an “identity” is portrayed by the appearance of a person? So anyone wearing that abaya would not have lost their identity? Is that the scale you use these days?

She outragiously says: “A’abaya (the black dress the traditional Kuwaiti custom) is a symbol for Kuwait’s heritage”.

I refuse to accept this statement, simply because the abaya can be interpreted in so many different ways. My first impression of this black garment would not be Kuwaiti heritage. It would infact be of 3aza (aaza: where people visit the family of a dead person 3 days in a row after his or her burial to give their respect and to console the family).

Let me not start talking about the visual quality of this so-called project. I sure as hell hope she didn’t get an A for it.

One Response to “Losing my identity. WTF??”

  1. لؤلؤة Says:

    if you don’t use to do it before , ofcourse it won’t be felt the same way for someone did..
    identity is pretty sensitive topic…it what defines u as a humanbeing…
    and it all come back to the same point : it’s what u decide …:)

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