Die, Teletubby, DIE!!!

August 1, 2008

Hi, were Teletubbies and we freak the hell out of Cruxs skin.

Hi, we're Teletubbies and we freak the hell out of Crux's skin.


I hate Teletubbies.. They’re the freakiest thing ever. Mutations of nature. Evil fluffy-wannabe things that make my skin crawl!

So today I was walking in Sultan Center and for some reason they had two adults dressed up in Teletubies suits.. They looked so freaky with children hugging them and parents taking their photos.. I turned to my friend who was walking behind me and said “I really wanna kick one of those.. Imagine if I did!”..

I think one of the freaky Teletubbies heard me. I’m afraid of going to bed. :p

10 Responses to “Die, Teletubby, DIE!!!”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    Eww, I hate Teletubies. I do think it would have been hilarious had you been able to kick one, though. 🙂

  2. earthquaker Says:

    they’ll hunt u down!
    and the next thing u’ll be saying is “I SEE TELETUBBIES!” lol


  3. Ruby Woo Says:

    Actually, I find them to be quite sexy. You know all those red, yellow, green, purple thing is really working for them. Rawr!

  4. P-Ella Says:

    Omg they freaking boring :p never liked them !

  5. Skywalker Says:

    hehe..i love teletubbies..
    when i was a child, i used to be dipsy (i think that’s his name :S) the dark skinned face and has green fur

  6. Soul Says:

    LOL I hear u..

  7. fadidra Says:

    haha I know their too feeling! why didn’t you kick (it) you (it) won’t feel anything the costume’s like Huge life jacket

  8. MishMisha Says:

    teletubbies scare me.. so do barney and spongebob *shivers*

    they give me nightmares

  9. suspic Says:

    I wholeheartedly believe they’re child molsters.

  10. cruxine Says:

    I am glad (almost) everyone seems to agree 😀

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