Bashar ya Bashar

August 6, 2008

I was driving home from work a few minutes ago, flipping radio stations when I happened to hear a song in Marina FM. All I could think of (before reading the name on my screen) is “hatha Bashar o hathi 5arabee6a”.

Well.. Turns out I was right. It was this song by Bashar Al-Shatti.

Hatha elli na5tha minnik ya Bashar. Allah esam7ik, la 9oot, la la7an, la ma3na.

Bashar Al-Shatti

Bashar Al-Shatti

Wala 7atta shakil!! (What’s this fucking shirt??)

This is what they call forcing someone on you. Bashar in my opinion is forced on the music feild. His songs are a mere collection from well known melodies of different regions (arabic/english/spanish/indian) mixed together, performed by a ghastling voice. The lyrics.. I am sorry.. I can’t even begin to talk about how silly “lolak enta ma haweet, wala fi darb elfan ma mesheet” sounds. (chan zeen ma 7abeetha 3ashan ma tamshi ebdarb elfan o traye7na!).

Plus, who says “yalli ‘3aramik shay ‘3er 3adi o mala 7al”??!!!
For those of you who don’t know (if you’re under 18 don’t keep reading).. The words “malhash 7al” are usually said by egyptians about really sexy women (or asses) they want to penetrate.

I rest my case!

4 Responses to “Bashar ya Bashar”

  1. Soul Says:

    LOOOL kella kooooom o his pose kooom thaneee!

    and oh! I hate men who wear too many colors.. It’s not appealing to me at all..

  2. hautepocket Says:

    Sounds like some quality tunes! LOL.

  3. MishMisha Says:

    ifff whenever i hear one of his songs i get suicidal!

    i hate him! and seriously what is up with that shirt?! i think my brain short-circuited when i saw the shirt… i mean DAMN!! someone call the fashion police on his ass!

  4. suspic Says:

    The real question is, why is his gimmick Sindbad? Wanting to fly off in this magical “bisa6 elree7”?

    Fly the fuck away, I say.

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