I’m a Flirt!

August 7, 2008

(Warnings: This is a 16+ post – This is a girl/girl post.)

So I was sipping a Peach Treat metropolitan cocktal (virgin of course) when in walks two ladies. One vailed, one wearing an above-the-knee cropped pants.

This post is about the vailed girl.

She was in those casual grey sweat pants that look ugly on everyone, and yet she was complimenting them in a way unknown to my eyes ever before. Her hips caressed by the delicate fabric forcing me to see every line of her flawless upper legs and hips as she so casually sat on the chair, gently placing her (Mark Jacob’s?) bag on the floor next to her. Looking at that bag being placed, I noticed something that struck my senses so abruptly.. Her feet.

I never knew myself to be a foot lover.. But she had on that flat minimal slipper which had a red front.. The cherry red color placed next to her soft white toes did the trick.. I was sipping my fuzzy drink, thinking about those toes being dipped in it, and then in my mouth.

She was restless.. She looked at me disturbed.. She thought I was simply staring.. She did not know that in the flaw of fantasies in my head she was already undressed.. Already covered in kisses.. Already mine to devour. I looked the other way and she whispered to her friend (whom was too skinny and too dimmed by the other girl) with a frown. She doesn’t like being stared at by a girl obviously, and I do not give the butch lesbian aura. :p

I could not help myself.. She was wearing a white cotton shirt.. I could see skin color under it.. Did she not know that her shirt was not completely opaque? I do not know.. But I thanked chance.. I could visualize a soft back.. A tender belly.. And a crisp white bra ready to be tossed away by my hungry mind.

Her face. Her lips. Her whiteness. Her soft features. Her height. Her casual attitude. They all stunned me.
To be honest, whatever reason she was wearing that vail for, it has obviously not worked. I looked at her like I’ve never looked at a woman before.

Only thing is.. I was sitting with a more delicate and beautiful girl. Tough luck for her.. She would have been approached by me otherwise.

*Pictures girl screaming “ay shay, a3ootho bellah min ashkalich”*

What a wonderful world. :p


7 Responses to “I’m a Flirt!”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    Well, it seems like you have your choice of pretty ladies. 🙂

  2. iRise Says:

    Hahaha… Love how you ended the post! 🙂

  3. Ruby Woo Says:

    All is well but the toes? C’mon!!
    I have a question. Isn’t it hard being bi? Ya3ni for me I have a pool of men to choose from while you have 2 pools.

  4. suspic Says:

    If you were a guy, you’d be a pervert but when you’re a woman it’s all this “examining her beauty” which’s sugarcoating it.

    But I guess you do write it better than what most men would write which’s “a5aaih, etc, amoot bil, etc, awaaaili”.

  5. cruxine Says:

    Oh yes! Kuwait is full of pretty ladies. Only problem is most of them are straight and find bisexuality disgusting. ;p

    Quite a realistic ending, isn’t it? hehe.
    and welcome to my humble aboard!

    Ruby Woo,
    What’s wrong with toes? If you saw them you’d wish the same! :p
    Not really cos I’m a very very very very picky person when it comes to women! And when it comes to men, well, let’s just say I’ve never been with one before la emotionally wala physically. When I do will probably be the time I decide whether I am a full lesbian or whether I want to be straight. :p

    LOOOOL @ awaaaaili!!!!!
    Nice having an insight on what terms guys use! haha
    I am a pervert cos I’m bisexual, so it’s kind of like a guy saying those things :p

  6. لؤلؤة Says:

    Oh Lord !!!
    I held my breath while reading this post…
    all what i could recall was a vail …and nothing after…
    well, life is about choices…if this is what u choose, then be it …
    Bon Chance 🙂

  7. I love your style.. kinky!
    oh.. and some women are very “curious” about other women 😉 Trust me there are more bisexuals here than you may think.. you just have to know where to look 😉

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