Maintenance Memories

August 8, 2008

Today can be summed up by a two-word title: Maintenance and food
By maintainance I mean it was a “beauty salon day”.
I never thought I would blog about this, but seriously I do have something to say. :p

While me and my friend were doing our painful maintenance (waxing), We heard a girl (in her 20s) from one of the cubicles calling out for another girl (an early teen).
She asked “haa, are you done with your legs?” ..
Timidly the girl replied “mhmm”.. And the first asked her “how does it feel??!” 

Obvious by their conversation: it was her first time!
It was so cute! My friend and I gave each other the “awwww” faces from across the room..

It brought back so many memories.

To be honest, I cannot remember my very first waxing session, but I can still remember that old salon we used to go to, I can almost see it. It was a black tiled room filled with mirrors (they even covered the ceiling) and the chairs were made of leather..
(It sounds like a strip club setting when I say it, but it was shabby and small and not sexy at all!)

I remember sitting there with my cousin.. She was so beautiful, and I had a chubby childhood.. She had soft white legs and I had what felt like tree trunks to me back then.. Her feet were soft and white, mine were over-sized and wide. I did not feel so good comparing myself to her, and to be honest the working ladies were not so nice about it either.. “you should become like her”.. “you must lose weight” were phrases I was used to hearing.

I do not suffer from self-pity.

I remember a time when we had a small party coming up, it was all too sudden and I could not go to the salon.. My mom, instead, helped me with my legs..
I wish she never did.. She was huffy and puffy, bored out of her head.. And she, too, managed to make the little girl Cruxine feel shitty about herself.. I still remember what she called my legs.. How she described them as “7asha yild ‘6ab mo bnaya” (english=really rough skin like a reptile). 

I do not suffer from self-pity.
My mother is a wonderful person – with flaws like everyone else. 

My legs.

Well, they are the best thing about me now.. And though I may still lean to the “chubby” side, I do not feel like I must compare myself to my cousins or mother anymore..

But the thing is, all these memories (and more) came flying back to me at once.. I remember places, people, actions.. All related to waxing.. All related to these early teenage years.. People were not kind, I tell you.. And I wonder why.

I love to make people feel good about themselves.. (Probably a counter-action).. Especially girls in that age.. I love to help them not be in a state where they feel ugly or below average by complimenting.. They will grow up into sexy beautiful women.. It’s okay to go through stages, it’s okay!

Self-pity is pathetic, I do not have it.

This is all way too ironic for me right now.. Know why? Read on!

I don’t know what it was with the lady who waxed for me today.. I can almost swear she pinched my upper leg.. Right before she complimented my inner thighs for not being dark! XD She even pushed my panties further away and waxed the start of my curve, and asked me if I wanted a full wax (Brazilian).. I said no it’s alright, but she said “it’s fine by me if you want..” I was quite shy.. But I did consider it, to be honest.. But really, my 7aya (hehe I have that!) got the best of me. :p

Is that even legal in Kuwait???

It’s so strange how the attitude changed.. I always felt this particular lady was a bit butch.. She always complimented parts of me.. But really, today she pinched me! COME ON! I could have easily complained to the manager or something!

I had a very vivid visual of her waxing my *you know what* then doing *you know what* hehehe

*smacks herself awake*

Hope this post wasn’t too obscene. :p

3 Responses to “Maintenance Memories”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    I love that you call it maintenance. 🙂 It’s amazing how seemingly mundane tasks can remind us of so much.

  2. لؤلؤة Says:

    Oh yeah…first time when being a teenager resides for the whole life :)….
    I admire every person who feels for others and try to help saving their self image…hi-5 for that 🙂

    it’s so creepy what u wrote about salon lady ….what’s going on with the world..

    thanx for sharing such a day ..:)

  3. […] always thought of myself as chubby.. Probably due to my chubby childhood like I mentioned in this post.. But today something happened that knocked me on the […]

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