OMG no!

August 9, 2008


I guess some people just can’t accept age.

6 Responses to “OMG no!”

  1. noonie Says:

    wayy3 I never liked her ://

  2. loveMaegan Says:

    i know. it’s so scary. why’d she do it? she ruined her face.

    On another {and possibly MORE shallow} note: you’d think M would do something about her daughter’s stache & brows.

  3. she does not look good. didn’t she go under some type of procedure recently????

  4. cruxine Says:

    how come? madonna is the queen baby!

    I agree!!! Even with the shallow remark. 😉

    savy gal,
    yeah I think that’s the case.. too bad it seems to have backfired!

  5. Soul Says:

    OMG!! whats wrong with her face!!

    I want to go blonde ya naaaaaaaas! for a change,
    abi nafs loon sha3arhaaa what should i do :/

    and OH! her arm etkharre3 =S

  6. iRise Says:

    Oh my GAAAAWD! She looks like an anorexic crack whore. excuse my foul mouth.

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