I need help!!

August 11, 2008

My really close cousin’s birthday is in a few days.

She’s in her mid-twenties.. Married.. Likes to cook.. Talks about her hubby all the time..

What the hell do you buy for someone like that? :p

My friend suggested lingerie.. But NoooOOoOooo I can’t do that… Just picturing her weaing it puts me off life. (Too platonic!).

So…….. Any suggestions?

8 Responses to “I need help!!”

  1. Seattle dude Says:

    The definitive solution to all your present buying needs….

    GIFT CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adrenaline Says:

    Get her a season of “After Hours With Daniel”

  3. Kitchen utensils? 😉

  4. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! How sweet. I love stumbling on new and funny blogs like yours. 🙂

    I always push the SF Farmers’ Market Cookbook on my culinary friends. Doesn’t hurt that I live in SF, I guess – but I think anyone could appreciate the deeeeeelicious seasonal recipes.


  5. loveMaegan Says:

    a super cute and sexy apron and designer rubber gloves 😉


  6. لؤلؤة Says:

    Well ,,
    being not a big fan for celebrating birthdays ,
    if it is that hard to decide …don’t buy anything ..
    meant take her for supper and a movie …bring her a birthday cake…
    usally remembering the day is enough by itself ..

  7. Fiend Says:

    LOL how about baby items 😛 LOL newly weds just LOVE to be reminded that they need to procreate… yes im kiddng..

    Hmm well since she likes to cook definetly look for some cooking utensils like heart shaped muffin tins or whatnot.. look through ikea or city center .. they have some cute stuff.

    Or go a different direction and take her to the color me shop place in marina.. u know the pottery barn looking place in marina crescent? and paint a cake dish together 😀

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