Strawberry Kisses

August 11, 2008

Today she was mine. With all her senses.

Today she let herself be in my arms. She succumbed to my touch.

She was so beautiful..

Her long black hair flowing on her shoulders.. Her flesh so dazzling white.

Today she made me feel, like she never made me feel in my life.

She made me feel like she owns me, and I own her. And every other thing – every little detail – didn’t matter.

And she was so beautiful..

It was like a scene from a movie, you keep rewinding and watching.
You keep wishing it was you..

It was her today.. It was me.

Gravity doesn’t seem willing to work on me today. 🙂


7 Responses to “Strawberry Kisses”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    Did you write this? It’s lovely 🙂

  2. cruxine Says:

    I only wrote what I’ve done and felt! 😀
    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. 😉

  3. concretereverie Says:

    I agree, this is really nice 🙂
    I really like the picture too

  4. CeCe Says:

    Nice writings… But I’m so confused with your lovelife at the moment.

  5. Your words spark something in me.
    Feelings I have for someone.. but feelings I would love to share with someone else, someone who knows their worth.
    Maybe you know where I’m coming from… and maybe you don’t.. or maybe you couldn’t care less 😉 either way powerful words.

  6. لؤلؤة Says:

    still don’t get it …
    why crux…???????

  7. cruxine Says:

    Shino ya lolwa?! lol
    Shfeech 7abeebti 6al3i elli bgalbich.. weddi astaw3ib enti shino ga3da tfakren bas kil ma adish your blog alagi gboor o suwalif hedaya tarheebya :p
    Gooli elli b5a6rich tara maz3al hehe

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