August 13, 2008

I read in some Kuwaiti girl’s blog (squeezes her brain, nope can’t remember who) a restaurant review for Ayyame… She really had it in for it! lol She said their napkins were dirty and their food bad..

And so this morning (more like this afternoon) when my friend suggested we go to it I wasn’t too exited.

But seriously once I stepped in the restaurant I knew I would like it.. It smelled like a certain kitchen from my childhood.. A mixture of Za3tar and garlic and bread.. mmmmm! hehe

So yeah, we had a decent tummy-filling meal that consisted of alot of za3tar, garlic, and bread.. And I have to say their bread basket was blissful! My friend and I both liked how they specified the origin of each dish in the menue.. And I like fusion restaurants in general.. So it was a pretty decent experience.

I’m bad at writing reviews I suppose, but YES I DO recommend it.

I wanted to try that gir9 3geeli with mrabba thing (Kuwaiti desert) served with 7aleeb o chai (tea and milk).. But we both were waaay too full and quite high with the smell of sheesha flowing to us from the smoking section. (sheesha: hubly bubbly, and it doesn’t get you high, just a figure of speech :p )

I really get the urge to try sheesha but something about a woman holding that tube really puts me off.


8 Responses to “Ayyame”

  1. Seattle dude Says:

    where is this place?

  2. cruxine Says:

    Marina Crescent

  3. hautepocket Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how two people can have such differing opinions on the same topic? Glad you enjoyed your dining experience!

  4. ex of yours Says:

    I love you ;*

  5. Soul Says:

    i heard alot about it! sheno ohwa lebanese? would like to try it someday..

  6. cruxine Says:

    amoot feech.. wish i didn’t have to call you “ex” anymore :p
    (abi gir9 3geeli!!)

    It’s a mix of different middle eastern kitchens.. But on the whole it still has a lebanese aura.
    you should try it it’s really good. (im still craving the gir9 3geeli)

  7. mirage Says:

    Laaaaa2 now i want kuwaiti fooooood, i love ger9 3gaili try mal bread talk while ur at it! … I MISS ! bel 3afya btw kilish ana mu me7tarrrrra ;p

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