Cosplay: from foxy to whoopsy!

August 14, 2008

I’m in for sexy heroines! Be it comic ladies or game babes..

Sooo I stumbled across these cosplay picture today…. 

And it just KILLED me to see my beloved hot sexy Fran who looks like this  mocked like THAT.

There is worse.

These are the sexy chicks from my favorite comic, Danger Girl..

Suddenly they turned into this:


Worst of all, they even have LARA CROFT with them! OH nowieees! They just turned my childhood crush into a nightmare!! (laaa2 shino halfarrrg?????!!)

BTW, I don’t have a clue who the guy in the middle ought to be! :p

I HATE COSPLAY. Keep your own clothes on, ladies.



11 Responses to “Cosplay: from foxy to whoopsy!”

  1. hautepocket Says:


  2. Soul Says:

    First pic chenna shemale!!

    LOOOOOOOOOOL aham shay bel danger girls elli 3al yemeen om bra banafsji!! hathi mal tarqe9 3al bortaqala lol

  3. Seattle dude Says:

    The mere fact that you knew who fran was, made me want to send you a box of chocolates.

    soul: lol your so mean 😛

  4. omg fran! 7ARAM HAHA
    it’s soo funny! madre laish a7es ena if they were japs it would’ve turned out better?

    lol a little biased maybe I hate cosplayers who ruin the characters ;(

  5. Adrenaline Says:

    Its the black era for the US, a black president and a black Fran.. what’s next

  6. cruxine Says:

    LOOOL @ soul, ee wallah 7adha!

    Seattle dude, I’m an obsessive final fantasy player/fan!!

  7. Jiggaboo Says:

    “Its the black era for the US, a black president and a black Fran.. what’s next”

    Viera have naturally brownish skin. So a “black” Fran is an accurate Fran imo.

  8. cruxine Says:

    Viera don’t ALL have a naturally brownish skin, Fran does, but there are loads of blonde Viera in FFXII!! So Fran is accurate (still ugly though) but your wording wasn’t :p

  9. cory Says:

    there’s a big cosplay event in Roppongi Tokyo that looks really fun to be at

  10. Stromko Says:

    Oh no, realistic women cosplaying as incredibly unrealistic sex idols!

    This article only makes sense coming from a person that’s given up on ever dating real women because a) they can’t live up to the standards of highly skilled graphic artists paid to satisfy our ideals, and b) we can’t get women anywhere near our physical ideals since we’re way too into videogames instead of making money and becoming interesting people.

    Realistically, we’d be very lucky to get any of the women in those cosplay pictures. Chances are they already have partners that are better looking and better providers than the average already.

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