Who’s the man?

August 14, 2008

I really hate testosterone.

So I was driving like a lady this afternoon to my friend’s house.. On the round-about some dude in a BMW really squeezes me in.. I think to myself “this dude can’t drive” and sure as hell, he looks like he just got his new license, over-priced car, and Beckham haircut. (which hardly suits anyone other than David himself, btw guys!)

Long story short, I sped up to pass him. He sped up to pass me.. Next thing you know, we were racing.. (I can’t believe I raced a kid).. I give him this though, his “flirty face” is quite flirty.. But no, I’m not into younger boys, thank you!

Point is, I sped up and didn’t realize there was a road-bump in front of me and now the front of my car is not in a happy shape.. F**k that testosterone, okay?!


5 Responses to “Who’s the man?”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    oh no! i’m so sorry that happened to you!

  2. CeCe Says:

    Ergh. That happened to me. It’s not just the testosterone. Its their ego! Madre 3la shnu 3ad, 3balhum cool o 7alat’hum 7ala. We3 g6e3a!

  3. Soul Says:

    cheba7 wayhaaa!! madri laish etha shafaw bent daysaaaa eydosoon m3aha!!! shebsheb 3la face ;E

  4. Seattle dude Says:

    Imagine a cat spotting a mouse.

    It doesnt matter if the cat doesnt wanna eat it, it’ll give it a quizzical WTF is that look then it’ll run after it without really paying attention to anything around it.

    I think basically that guy had a brain that’s at LEAST as small as a cat brain.

  5. P-Ella Says:

    too bad about ur car @@
    did u enjoy the racing? *racefan*

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