I have to say…

August 17, 2008



America Ferrera

America Ferrera in the new DS advertisement.


“Who are you kidding?”

Honestly, in this Nintendo DS add.. America Ferrera (from Ugly Betty) looks like she has absolutely no idea how you’re supposed to play the DS.. Come on! The least you can do is hold that pointer!

Eva Longoria looking less than perfect.

“Holly Skipping Gargoyles!!!!”

Wha…? Wha….? WHAT?
I never really was a fan of Eva Longoria (from Desprate Housewives) but seriously.. How can she look like this? It should be illegal for her to look like this! COME ON! How many 14 year old boys fantasies have been shattered to pieces by the photograph? She ought to be sued.

Eva Longoria and Photoshop perfection.

Praise be to make-up and photoshop for making her like like this!

4 Responses to “I have to say…”

  1. Seattle dude Says:

    Pffft thats a very modest picture compared to the fantasies i had when i was 14!!!!

    okay maybe i shouldn’t have shared that with you guys, but whatever!

  2. ugh. i am not an eva longoria fan. she’s just so annoying and not as hot as everyone seems to think. I’m glad you agree!

    Also, I totally agree with the top statement. She’s never played that DS. not once! she looks like she’s watching a movie on it….it’s not the PSP, lady.

  3. hautepocket Says:

    dude, i know. how is eva that perfect?!

  4. P-Ella Says:

    i cant believe that was EVA she looks mm mm @@

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