The Bittersweet Month

August 21, 2008

Ramadan is coming up!!

(Ramadan: a month of the Islamic year when Muslims fast from dawn till sunset everyday.)

I love Ramadan but it is a bittersweet month for me! Why? Well, let’s start!

First, family gets together in Ramadan and that’s okay (since I’m an only-child) it inflicts some family action in the house. :p Which kind of pisses me off (at the same time, hence bittersweet!) because I have to hear about: My weight, my short hair, my movements, and “when are you gonna get married?” from uncles and aunts and cousins etc! Everyday a different family member seems to enjoy criticizing/teasing me while dining in Ramadan.. It’s probably my family’s most enjoyable hobby during food time.

Btw, I just ignore them. I’d be too busy with my food anyway. Which brings me to my next bitter point: FOOD. (Dear God, thank you for creating food!) I love food. YES, I am a food lover.. I eat like there’s no tomorrow. If I didn’t have high metabolism I’d be a cow.. So having to stay away from food for so many hours during the day is.. well… torture! But like all things, this has a bright side.. My mom seems to love bringing out her cooking skills during Ramadan, so it’s all worth the wait! 😀

Another bitter point is, well, I am shameless to say: masturbation!
I am only admitting to this because I am writing it on a blog, of course.. But I am a masturbation junkie. For me it is an everyday necessity. You might see how this is not exactly convenient during Ramadan since it breaks the fasting. 😦 You might say “but you can do it after sunset!” But here’s the problem, I hate to shower at night. (for non-muslims: women and men need to shower after they orgasm in order to be able to pray and fast in Islam).. So you see, quitting altogether for the entire month is a better choice. Yes, I hate to shower at night this much! If the sun is not out, I do not shower hehe.

On a more religious level (mo layeg 3lei adri!) It is true though, it feels waaaay easier to pray 5 times aday in Ramadan, I don’t know why! I love the rituals of sitting down and reading the quraan before sunset, and spending time with my parents watching tv after dinner (futoor).. I love the silly tv shows and I love making fun of how much make up kuwaiti women apply on tv!! I miss Ramadan during the year.. And this will be a very special Ramadan to me I’m sure.. Why? Because I won’t be in kuwait for the Eid!!! 😀 I hate Eid.. Really! LOL I hate dressing up for it! :p


15 Responses to “The Bittersweet Month”

  1. Seattle dude Says:

    “But I am a masturbation junkie.”

    I admire your courage to say such a thing, well semi-publically.

    And on another note im interested about what you mean by that you have a really high metabolism

  2. Some of your information, forgive me for saying, is incorrect.

  3. blah Says:

    i hate Eid and i hate dressing up for it too!
    bs i love ramadan madri laish;p i love everything about it mn alfood lai alcheesy tv shows!
    just wondering.. are you butch?

  4. cruxine Says:

    Seattle dude,
    I am not couragious, trust me :p
    Hmmm, high metabolism means.. Well.. It means high metabolism! I burn more calories than anyone you know. I am not into science so I can’t put it in fancy words, sorry. :p

    Disturbed Stranger,
    Ummm, which part? I really want to know which part you think is incorrect.

    I AGREE. Well, if you read my post you’d already know I agree.
    You could confidently say I’m a top.. I feel butch.. I am not “boya” but I certainly am butch with my partner usually. So I guess it’s a yes.

  5. Seattle dude Says:

    Hmmm I wonder if I have good metabolism, because no matter how much I eat its impossible for me to get fat

  6. blah Says:

    1st Seattle dude, you dont have a good metabolism, you have a GREAT metabolism;p

    2nd, hmm i totally feel the same about your previous post.

  7. I always shower after midnight…madri laish

  8. hautepocket Says:

    I really enjoyed this post and learned some things I didn’t know before. Yay learning!

  9. “Masturbation breaks the fast”- That is not true for women neither does the shower requirement after; you do not have to shower after masturbating in order to pray or fast, this is true only for Men (their shower “ritual” after ejaculation). The only shower “ritual” for girls is that after the period… If that is not done then your prayers and fasts are not accepted.
    And finally there is the showering after martial intercourse (between MAN and woman) for prayer and fast to be accepted…

    Clear? I bet you’re relieved 😉

  10. cruxine Says:

    Disturbed Stranger, it would be quite a relief.. But I really have my doubts because there is no sensible way a woman can orgasm then pray normally.. I’m gonna check the accuracy of what you said anyway cos now you have me in doubt 😀

  11. I am 100% certain.
    oh, and as for “there is no sensible way a woman can orgasm then pray normally.”
    just avoid masturbating around prayer timing and, naturally, wash off… you know.. just wash that area and sab3eeha… that’s all (I can’t believe you made me say that :P)
    Again I am positive about my info. but by all means go double check…. but I bet you you’ll come back sayin’ I’m right 😉 hmmm let’s make it interesting and bet on something …

  12. cruxine Says:

    Uh, before we bet.. Would it be rude if I asked you if you were shee3ya or sinniya? You know it might make a slight difference :/

    If it’s too rude then just ignore it.

  13. Babe… I am certain it’s true for both… I made sure it was true for both before telling you and… betting 😉

    and to answer your qn, for the sake of curiosity, I am shee3iyah… I know you’re not.. 😉

    now… bet? 😉

  14. cruxine Says:

    Uh, how do you suppose I am not?! What makes you think I’m not!?
    I don’t know how exiting a bet can be while we are still anonymous lol But if you can think of something.. Then, by all means! What’s at stake?

  15. I didn’t mean to offend… I’m sorry.

    “I don’t know how exiting a bet can be while we are still anonymous”… Something can be done about that 😉

    I couldn’t find your email around..
    If it’s alright with you… email me?

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