Of water and joy…

August 23, 2008

I am light..

I am air…

I am in your mercy.. Push me.. Pull me.. Play with strands of my hair and show me what it’s like to fly.

I am floating in your warm space.. Held gently with your million touches.. I am naked, therefore I am your infant and you are the womb that attaches me to this earth. My link to reality that surrounds me and kisses every cell of my skin.

I am beside you, above you, below you, within you..
You blink softly at me reflecting candle light and song..

You are my armor that protects me from invaders of stress. Your texture is the hymn of strength.. Every drop of you is a lost spell of a secret magical book that you teach me..

Dominate me.. I am now in your realm.. I am now in your peace.

She loves you.. She is also held in your gentility at another place this moment.. How could I not love you as well?

22 Responses to “Of water and joy…”

  1. Wish i could feel that depth of emotion…must feel amazing ;>

  2. It feels like more than just water…

  3. Seattle dude Says:


  4. Moey Says:

    nice feeling I suppose 🙂

  5. outandnotproud Says:

    your blog turns me on

  6. cruxine Says:

    Delicately Realistic,
    It is yours to feel! Fill that tub, put in that bubble-ball (from lush are my favorites!) and soak in! It feels amazing! Don’t forget the candles 😉

    Disturbed Stranger,
    I am in love with water.. It’s so seductive and dominant 😀

    Seattle Dude,
    Thank you so much.

    Welcome to my humble aboard (I love saying this!!! Lara Croft says it in Tomb Raider 3 the game when you first enter her mansion!! ❤ ). Ahem, yeah.. It is. 😀

    Does it? Why?!?!?
    I wish I could say I’m happy with that but really, you could be a big-bellied school bus driver.. Hmmm…….. Not so turned on, me-self. :p

  7. outandnotproud Says:

    would you feel better if i tell you am in my 20s .. lesbian and frustrated.. easily turned on.. well horney is more like it..have never driven a bus before..only a u-haul once..:P haha
    seriously being gay is a curse.

  8. blah Says:

    yes a curse.

  9. cruxine Says:

    maybe it wouldn’t be such a curse if you were a bit more discreet about it.

    and btw you girls, why are you anonymous?

  10. blah Says:

    ehm am i one of the “girls”?

  11. outandnotproud Says:

    i am discreet,, stop making assumptions! mara ana bus driver o now am out and proud!! being a lesbian is not only about making love to a girl!! i just figured its a life style i can never live!

    arnt you anonymous?

  12. cruxine Says:

    Yeah 🙂

    That is not what I meant with “discreet” actually.. But anyway nevermind.

    Anonymous in the sense that you don’t leave links to your own blogs, is what I mean.

  13. outandnotproud Says:

    what did u mean with discreet tell me? id love to know.. coz the only way am ventin is to her.. just a little… and here

  14. blah Says:

    well i dont have blog.. but i read blogs since god knows when;p

  15. blah Says:

    well i dont have a blog.. but i’ve been reading blogs since god knows when*

  16. barrak Says:

    المشكله الاساسيه بحياتي

    ان انا بطريج واللغه الانجليزيه بطريج

  17. ex of yours Says:

    LOL @ barrak!

    I loved this post, you surely captured the same feelings I was having at the same time.

    Why does Lara say welcome to my humble aboard and not abode?!

  18. iRise Says:

    So beautifully written…

  19. KTDP Says:

    I could never do the whole bubble bath thing ….. never had the patients ….

  20. outandnotproud Says:

    what does discreet tell me am waiting…

  21. cruxine Says:


    Well if you must know, I found the statement “am in my 20s .. lesbian and frustrated.. easily turned on.. well horney is more like it..” rather odd.. That’s what brought out the discreet comment. Don’t take it personal, I have a sharp tongue.

    you should get one.

    Maybe it’s my fault for posting in english. :p

    My beloved,
    “ex of mine”? is that true? last time I checked you were in my arms all night :p Anyway, it’s great seeing you comment 🙂

    Thank you so much. 🙂

    Well, you’re a guy.. And you want to “kill that damn patient”.. why am not surprised? :p

  22. outandnotproud Says:

    nothing is personal here and yes you have a sharp tongue.

    *turned off by your blog* NOT!

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