I stand corrected.

August 26, 2008

I stand corrected by my ex. Well, ex for exquisite from now on. 😀 

After (10 years?) of being a Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fan.. My attention is kindly brought to the fact that Lara does not say “welcome to my humble aboard” when you step in her mansion in TR3: Adventures of Lara Croft

Instead, she says “Welcome to my humble abode“.

*burries herself in shame*

Before (Tomb Raider 3)

Man, playstation 1 graphics were shitty!

More pictures of Lara’s TR3 mansion here. And the new more sexified version here. They call it “the Croft Manor” now.. Eh, sexy!

9 Responses to “I stand corrected.”

  1. ex-quisite Says:

    I rock 😀 Whatever would you do without me eh.

  2. KTDP Says:

    like Indiana Jones only prettier with an accent to die for …..

  3. If i had 100fils for everytie i made up my own words to something ;>

  4. eheheheheh….funny 😉

  5. Seattle dude Says:

    I always knew that TR series had a big following.

    I’m not really into it myself, the only heroine chick i’m in love with is Samus Aran, but most likely you guys wouldnt know who that is 😛

  6. cruxine Says:

    You do, don’t you? 🙂 3indi thooq. :p

    I’ve never seen a single Indiana Jones film.. Do you recommend them?

    Delicately Realistic,
    I would be a millionaire!

    Not your sort of thing, though, is it? 😀

    Seattle dude,
    You mean from the Metroid series? I was too young to play back then.. How old are you? They are making them again, though, aren’t they? I prefer sexy chicks in very little clothing than metal-covered ones though! :p

  7. Seattle dude Says:

    Sounds like Mai Shiranui from fatal fury is your kind of chick then 😛 google image it & enjoy!

  8. cruxine Says:

    Whoa! She’s obscene! Even for my taste! lol

  9. iRise Says:

    your posts are always interesting…no mater what you write about.

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