Pass on the Weed

August 29, 2008

I do not support drugs of any kind. I have never done drugs.. I have never smoked pot..

But to be completely honest with you.. Weeds is fucking hilarious. I love it!


Nancy Botwin


I love Nancy Botwin. Coolest person ever.. A bit too skinny for my personal taste.. But scores major points with me with the way she goggles. Really. I’m not kidding.

Do you find the show offensive? I just find it really really really funny. And daring.

Did anyone notice Celia‘s looks in season 4? I’m almost definite she had some work done.. She looks so much younger than before!

Here’s a question that’s keeping me awake with despair (or not).. Does finding Silas hot make me a pedophile? Come on, you gotta admit he’s stunning. I love his new haircut (not the one in the picture). Totally would go “straight” for him. Haha! Not.

7 Responses to “Pass on the Weed”

  1. hautepocket Says:

    Silas is sexy! But so are Nancy and Celia. LOVE this show. It’s one of my faves.

  2. You know what? I never could get into Weeds, madri laish.

  3. Adrenaline Says:

    The name attracted me and i thought it was going to be funny, but after watching around half a season i decided to watch Seinfeld for the 5th time..

    How can i not to

  4. Ruby Woo Says:

    i love weeds. I also have a teensy weensy crush on silas.

  5. KTDP Says:

    loved her since she did the west wing a couple of years earlier …. she was damn hot then and she’s even hotter now .

    P.S. There’s nothing wrong with a little weed every now and then …..

  6. iRise Says:

    I must watch this show…

  7. AJ Says:

    Hunter Parrish (Silas) is sooooo gorgeous! He was born on 13th May, 1987, so he’s 21. So no that don’t make you a pedophile. lol

    Weeds is such as awesome show! ❤ it!

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