Lady and the Onion

September 5, 2008

I laugh at her.. And she laughs at me.

Her eyes were puffy from crying, this precious lady, crying over me. We were sitting face to face in that cozy diner, the one with so many memories. She looked so beautiful.. Puffy eyes and all. I was dressed in black, she in many many colors. She lost so much weight, and yet those rosy cheeks are still ever-so rosy..

She laughed at me as I stripped my bacon-cheeseburger from its onions..
She said: “I don’t get you.. How can you not love onions?!”

I actually explained: They are crunchy.. Sweet and yet make my tongue burn.. They smell in your mouth for hours.. I hate them.

She laughed at me.. She loves them.

I went on.. “and I’m a lady, I don’t eat onions!”

She laughed even more..

Her and her onions.. She is the cutest thing. Someone should write a song about her.. And name it after this post.

She makes onions beautiful.


9 Responses to “Lady and the Onion”

  1. delicatelyrealistic Says:

    “She makes onions beautiful.”

    Loved that!

  2. KTDP Says:

    it’s a love it or hate it thing I suppose………..

  3. blah Says:

    that’s so cute!


  4. Adrenaline Says:

    Its not a burger without onions

  5. Seattle dude Says:

    for some reason, i want chinese now 0_o

  6. Fadidra Says:

    haha u cracked me up :p

    and onions cant be beautiful its too hmm weird

  7. iRise Says:

    I love onions…caramalized…boiled…fried or raw! YUMMY!!!!

  8. cruxine Says:

    She does. :>

    How do you feel about it?

    MAloomich ermi’6an, I always feel like it’s my duty to keep chewing from ma’3arb le emsak.

    Come on! They dim the taste of everything else!

    Seattle dude,
    Chinese? Ummm…. I don’t see the connection :p
    I like Chinese though. I love noodles.

    Always a pleasure. :p
    She makes them beautiful. Believe it.

    You and my girl should hook up. Not.

  9. […] it has it’s beauty.. It reminds me of her.. The lover of Onions.. And they are so much like her.. They bring the secret flavor, as she does to my […]

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