Attention, Drivers. Bitch on the road.

September 8, 2008

You live and learn, right?

Today I learned that the definition of the word “bitch” is a person – is alive! – it lives here with us in Kuwait. It is a woman. Let me tell you how I learned this.

I was driving back from ex-quisite‘s place. Not rushing. I was listening to music. Enjoying the drive on the highway. I took the far right lane since I was about to turn right. And suddenly the car a few meters in front of me stops abruptly..  Quickly I stepped on my breaks and, thank God, I managed to take the hard shoulder, missing the car infront of me by (I’m not kidding) what felt like centimeters. At the very moment I didn’t even know if I hit the girl in front of me or not, I looked at her trying to figure out from her face if I should stop.. She gave me a comforting look.. Turns out three or four cars in front of me have collided and I managed to get away safely.. The car behind me (note: a man) figured all out and gave me a comforting look and passed by me (I must have looked like a ghost, my heart was pounding in my throat).. 

Here comes the thing..

Behind him was a lady.. Late twenties by the looks of it, hot if you ask me.. That lady was blowing her horn like there’s no tomorrow.. She passed me and shook her arms.. Yelled.. Pointed at her head as though telling me “are you crazy?”. I wasn’t even blocking her fucking way. I was on the HARD SHOULDER for fuck’s sake.

I’m still trying to figure out what I did to make her act the way she did. Even after she passed me.. I came infront of her again (somehow) and she shook her arms at me again… Ummmm?

I don’t get it. Conclusion? She’s a bitch. She is the definition of “bitch”. I was scared.. I never was so close to having an accident before.. And then someone comes to act in such a horrible way at my most fragile moment… I wish I hit her.. Pulled her hair.. Done something.. All I did was say “7asbi Allah 3leech” And something like boosi ommich later on when I pulled myself together :/ :p

Well. I hope she reads this.. She seemed like the blogger type.. So if she does.. If you do.. FUCK YOU!

8 Responses to “Attention, Drivers. Bitch on the road.”

  1. outandnotproud Says:

    haha.. so u say she was hot?

  2. delicatelyrealistic Says:

    Ugh! I had a similar experience with a young girl once, i was in the middle lane and for some reason she was inching over on to my lane ‘namat 3alay’ bs she was doing it like in the movies when theres a car chase… like she was parallel to me!!! So i honked my horn 3alashan anabiha cuz ilikht kanat nayma 3el telephone.. ma 36ait’ha majal o 3adait’ha o mishait ib 6reeji….and then out of nowhere she cut cars so she could come infront of me… she started breaking on me wara ba3th and we were on a highway ha? waray 3alam !! anyways i went on the fastlane 3alashan aftak minha…. what do u think bint il7aram sawat? shes still in the middle lane and startd pushing me off the fast lane on to the hard shoulder….mistaw3iba….o ana mani gadra 3alaiha… cuz shes not doing it shway like when guys yt7arishon bil shari3….laaa ga3da tgi6 3omrha ilsayara ib kobrha !! i had no option but to go on the hard shoulder

    i was honking like crazy mako fayda
    agolaha are u crazy?
    makoooooo she did even so much as look at me…as if i wasnt there….and it was BROAD DAYLIGHT

    tadren shino inqahart….kint ra7 amot min il7ara…
    da3ait 3alaiha layman gilt bs…aslaaan ana lail7en m7tara minha ya3ilha ma trba7 inshaAllah!!!
    i felt sooo mathlooooma and maskeena….cuz im such a girl driver….ma3arif asawi hl 7arakat….and id ont know how to react!!

    sorry wayid garagt 3alaich bs wallah min il7ara….

    and rude crazy blonde haired girl MO M7ALILTICH !!!!!
    o inshAllah raaada 3alaich rada!!

  3. iRise Says:

    It was me. I’m the bitch. I’m sorry…
    and for what it’s worth… I think you are hot too 😛

  4. blah Says:

    9ij iRise? (lgafa adri;p)

    oo delicatelyrealistic, ana enqahart!

  5. cruxine Says:

    Well, kind of. Truth be said :p

    LOL yes, another bitch! That’s the only word for it.
    You know, I know EXACTLY what you mean.. I’m not a “girl driver” but sometimes I tell myself let them go and be a better person.. But I hate doing that cos el7arra t’6il ebgalbi.. :p
    But you see this time I was really metdoodha, ya3ni I felt really weak and baffled.. O madri ween e6la3atli hathi! AND she was on the phone, you just reminded me :p

    No, it wasn’t you. Nice try though! :p

    Ok, you didn’t even talk to me! Goolai salamtich! Shai! T7acheen ennas o taksheteen feeni?? It’s my blog! 9ara7a qillat thooq :p

  6. blah Says:

    :O qillat thouq mara wa7da? *tsk tsk*
    salamat! bs liana i read delicatelyrealistic’s comment so madri ta2athart ma3aha;p

  7. the nerve! seriously, min wain lihum 5ilg they seek revenge that’s uncalled for?

    i’ve become immune to that breed.. the breed that misinterprets my intentions as a driver… so i simply keep looking forward.. it kills them that i cant see what they’re doing, trust me..

    as to Delicately Realistic’s dillemma: i would have raced that girl and showed her what im made of… 2 can play her game;) laugh it off dear, laugh it off…

  8. hahaa yumkin kanat ebtel7ag 3ala al restroom o min alkhar3a mal7agat?

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