Let’s all follow the mainstream by not following the mainstream!

September 11, 2008


Oh yes, I will explain it. But first of all I must admit to my twist: I love confusing people! I love it! I love it! I love it!

The thing is, everyone is saying they don’t want to follow the mainstream. They say they want to be different, unique, creative, and all that bullshit.

Obviously, it is common now adays to have the desire to stand out, to be something else.

Well you know what? I’m sick of this stupid mainstream.

I want to be like everyone else, ok? Because let’s face it, what are the odds I will stand out? I am unique. But every bit of me, everything, is shared with at least one other person.

I refuse to deny the thrill of being one strand of grass in a feild. (I’m thinking of that feild in the sound of music..)

So. How do you solve a problem like Maria, again? 😉

9 Responses to “Let’s all follow the mainstream by not following the mainstream!”

  1. Seattle dude Says:

    i guess i like to be a bit of both

  2. delicatelyrealistic Says:

    Welcome to the club ;P

  3. Fadidra Says:

    C’mon who needs to be another sheep in the endless road of irony..?

  4. CeCe Says:

    I respect the fact that each person has his own individuality.

  5. KTDP Says:

    mainstream …. not so mainstream … we all love and hate the same things in the end. (our selves …. it’s called the human condition)

  6. Fadidra Says:

    send me ur email going Private :p

  7. cruxine Says:

    Seattle dude,
    Hmm. I guess that’s inevitable.

    Do I get a free badge?

    What’s wrong with sheep? And private? I don’t know! That would ruin my reputation as thegeela wat’3ala. :p

    I agree. I am pretty much in love with myself. 😀

  8. Adrenaline Says:

    Sheno mainstream ma mainstream…just enjoy being yourself and around people who enjoy ur company when ur being yourself.

  9. iRise Says:

    I’ve got to watch the Sound of Music tonight…
    and the song is stuck in my head!!! Thanks!!!

    How do you solve the problem. Just be you. Be you… and then categorize yourself if you must…

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