My Doctor, the Hero

September 17, 2008

Me? Watch Grey’s Anatomy? Who would have though?!
All I had to do was watch the very first episode and I got HOOKED.
Pretty people in scrubs? What’s not to like? GOD I hope I marry a doctor. :p

Anyway, so right from the moment I saw “Izzie”  I remembered that I saw her frome somewhere.. I never forget a face. I squeezed and squeezed my brain but no juice came out so I looked her up online and OH MY GOD! She’s the girl from My Father the Hero!!!! I love that movie! I used to watch it when I was 11 all the time.. I love her!

Btw, if you have not watched My father the Hero I highly urgue you to.. It’s really light and funny, and very very sweet. I would say it’s hot too but 1994 fashion is not really a cup of tea nowadays!


8 Responses to “My Doctor, the Hero”

  1. Seattle dude Says:

    I keep telling myself I should watch that, I even downloaded like 2 full seasons….

    I just never get around to watchin em

  2. hautepocket Says:

    Love Katherine Heigl!

  3. Ruby Woo Says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy.

    I love her!! Oh and I used to watch her in Roswell. She was a bit chubby then!

  4. CeCe Says:

    Wow. She looked different back then.

    I love Katherine and Grey’s Anatomy rules!

  5. KTDP Says:

    don’t really like greys (or grays) all that much …. still she is hot …..

  6. iRise Says:

    I love Greys Anatomy… I just got hooked recently too…
    And Dr. Yang is my favorite… I just LOVE her sarcasm…

  7. Silver Says:

    katherine is something..

    she was pretty then…shes gorgeous now

    LOVE HER! 😀

  8. Fadidra Says:

    wain 6a7tay 3alaiha? she should pay you cash mo-ney so u remove it..

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