Right now..

September 23, 2008

I am happy.

I know next week things will change. But this feeling I have right now, I will hold on to. And always remember.

‘but don’t change your hair for me, not if you care for me. Stay little valentine, stay.’ she sings. ‘each day is valentine’s day’.


9 Responses to “Right now..”

  1. delicatelyrealistic Says:

    3asa dom ;>

  2. hautepocket Says:

    Here’s hoping you’re happy next week, too!

  3. outandnotproud Says:

    a7eb el 7ob.. i wanna love someone.. and stay like this forever,, i hate the after taste of love..

  4. sigh. happy is good. happy feels nice. happy is relaxing. congrats!

  5. Seattle dude Says:

    sweet ;]

  6. Ruby Woo Says:

    ya7ilwich wintay happy

  7. KTDP Says:

    happiness is never a bad thing …. however it lasts just about as long as beer on St. Patricks Day ….

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