Random Hate Mail.

October 24, 2008

I’ve been going around posting random hate comments. Quite rude ones too :/

😉 Sorry guys.. I need more pageviews, it’s a bet, I get 200 KD. 😀

I know it’s lame. But I also know I could use a good cash. Sorry!

Plus, for a few minutes there.. You thought you were important enugh to be hated 😉

I’ll receive “thank yous” in the form of cheques. Cheers!

6 Responses to “Random Hate Mail.”

  1. KTDP Says:

    ….. and I thought I was sad …..

  2. انسانه سخيفه حدج

  3. cruxine Says:

    Wow. She’s taking it badly. Well I won bitch.

  4. suspic Says:

    I gave you half the hits by pressing refresh all night long.

    100KD, now.

  5. cruxine Says:

    suspic what do you take me for? They’re already spent! 😉

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