When it snows..

October 29, 2008

I remember you.. And these days.. When I could have, but never held your hand.

I remember you, and your silly wet toes, and silly wet socks, hanging on the window sill.

I remember wanting to be with you, just you.. And having to put up with company.

I remember the feeling of sleeping next to you, pretending to be nothing more than your friend, while in secret, we fough, and laughed.. We cried and made promises we both broke, only to end up forgiving each other anyway, and life went on.

I stood beside you, as you stood beside me.. Nagging maybe, sometimes even hurt.. But I stood there and I waited for everything else to end, and you and I lasted firmly.

As it snows, I remember your warmth.. Your kisses.. The smell of your skin, wet and dry.. And I smile.. Because as it snows, I only am able to remember you.

Just you.


3 Responses to “When it snows..”

  1. Somethings you never forget 😉
    Or should I say some people.

  2. KTDP Says:

    just one more thing I miss about snow. For some reason it manages to make you remember the good times you had with that one that got away ……

  3. Fadidra Says:

    some people stick in your mind like super glue

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