Onion Revelations

November 1, 2008

A wise friend and fellow traveler has recently said to me.. “College days are when you start experimenting with cooking, and when you get married is when you start cooking like a human being.”

She’s got that one right. Abroad, in the lands that are not yours, you are willing to eat everything! And after a while, you start craving actual food, not just junk and snacks.. So you start wandering around the local Sainsbury’s looking for easy meals.. And after a while, ready-mades start to make your tummy ill.. You want fresh food, real food.

That is how I started my courageous quest: cooking. It began with simple things, so for a week I ate pasta on daily bases.. Then it was rice and veggies.. Then it was baked potatoes.. Then I crossed the thin line between femininity and household management and held raw meat in my hand.. Cut it, and was introduced to its texture.. Eventually now I know the differences in cooking meat and fish.. I know the value of fillets and I befriended the oven.

There was one untamed land I never dared to tread: Onions.

I hate them.. (or so I thought).. I hate their smell, I hate their raw taste.. But a small voice inside my head kept whispering frightening thoughts: My food was missing a certain flavor.. A certain something that it needs so desperately to grow from its primitive state into a delicate gourmet stage. I was faced by my miserable destiny: I have to cook the magical ingredient, I have to master the beast named Onions.

It was the start of something beautiful, the conquer of a marvelous power.. The bringer of all foods together and the magic of the kitchen. Yes that is an onion.

And it has it’s beauty.. It reminds me of her.. The lover of Onions.. And they are so much like her.. They bring the secret flavor, as she does to my life..

And she makes me cry, just like them.


3 Responses to “Onion Revelations”

  1. KTDP Says:

    cooking is never a bad thing. I think it’s the reason I now have the patience required to get through most of the crap life hurls at you.

  2. awe. great post. I have a love/hate relationship with onions.

  3. Fadidra Says:


    please 🙂

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