Soft Packers….

December 14, 2008

I’ve been thinking about this for a while – and I hope you know what I mean because I don’t want to explain… I would love to try it and feel natural about it… So I have been thinking about getting one but there is no point at the moment because my gf is still back in Kuwait. So anyway, some might think that it is a false form of self-fulfilment and some might actually be completely against it because it implies that a woman’s body with only her parts cannot be a satisfaction to another woman.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like I will be fulfilled by wearing a soft packer out and about.. I do not feel like a boy trapped in a girl’s skin I am very happy I am a woman, but I have that unsettling urge to try it.. I am sure it will be very different than a strap on.. In fact, I have tried to wear my strap on with jeans, but it is simply impossible to walk out of the house with that bulge… So really, modern science should be able to invent a dildo that can actually be both soft and inflatable.. Why hasn’t it? Simply because the main target of such a toy would be females, and it’s a man’s world.

Which brings me to another thing that’s been pissing me off.

On a shopping spree (to get my first strap on with my gf) I was furious to see that all the packagings was of either one woman wearing it (caressing her boobs) or of a woman in a femdom pose with a man behind her showing off his ass. None, and I mean NONE of the packagings showed two women in a suggestive pose.
Excuse me?
Aren’t the main target of strap ons WOMEN? Lesbians, to be exact? Why should the images displayed be of the minority? It absolutely made me furious!  I would have made a really strong point to the seller, but I was way too red and embarrassed to make eye contact, let alone aggressively suggest the sex shop is sexist. :/

This was a horrendous post for some people, I am sure, so I do apologize for my cyber cheeck, but I do not apologize for my sexual orientation.

Have a nice weekend. :p

2 Responses to “Soft Packers….”

  1. KTDP Says:

    I think it may be because the people who make it may already have the lesbian segment of the market cornered and are trying to reach out to others.

  2. Adrenaline Says:

    A lot of dudes likes’ to be touched down there in the back but after sometime touching is not enough and they must try something different this is when this comes in…. advertising it is just to make them feel comfortable about the idea 😉

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