Vanity as a sin…

December 15, 2008

 The simple things like liking to check your reflection in the mirror, over and over again.. Like the desire to always be pleasant looking and turn a head whether one is acting upon it or not.. Enjoying a compliment… Smelling good… Washing our face in the morning, and greeting the world with a smile.

I think it is human nature.

I am disturbed when I converse with someone who has lost all interest in those things.. I am even more disturbed when they refer to it as a form of vanity, a luxury, an accessory and not a necessity.

When did human love to beauty become a luxury? The least one can do as a human being is appreciate it. Beauty of nature, beauty of one’s self, one’s face, one’s body…

Call it vanity if you will. But if you must then stop calling vanity a sin.

4 Responses to “Vanity as a sin…”

  1. FourMe Says:

    I’m one all for beauty.. and I don’t think its vain..

  2. hautepocket Says:

    I love this. And couldn’t agree more. Well said!

  3. KTDP Says:

    meh ….. the only people who don’t care about how they look are those who are too ugly to do anything about it……

  4. Adrenaline Says:

    It’s what makes me wake up and go to work in the see her beautiful face…sorry i mean her beautiful ass 😉

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