Internet is not my pal…

December 22, 2008

I have noticed that my page counts shot up quite fast even though this is a fairly new blog and my blogging experience is a fairly new one relatively when compared to all of you old buggers out there.

So what’s the deal?

Well, here’s a list of my top clicked tags.. :/

“sex toys”, “femdom”, “lesbian”, “bisexual”, “lara croft”.

Well here’s what I say to that:

Damn you INTERNET!

I feel like a product for horny old men and teenage boys. Eeeek!

10 Responses to “Internet is not my pal…”

  1. Adrenaline Says:

    Imagin if u supplement ur posts with photos

  2. eww gross Says:

    young ladies can be horny, lustful, sick and bored.
    wasn’t that your intention? to sculpt an erotic imagination? and since we’re sick and vulnerable –i’m speakin on my behalf and many others– we’re easily affected and always comming back for more.
    thank you very much for the taps theyr’e making my life easier

  3. cruxine Says:

    That’s what you do, mate 😉

    eww gross,
    Yes I am the devil. I am the evil mistress whose plans of corruption are swaying you, young vulnerable sheep who can’t think for themselves.
    This is a personal blog, love. No intentions included.

  4. mortified Says:

    i dont blame those who dont hav a religion.. but u claim to be a muslim.. bs tara ilislam mitbari from ur kind.. oo ilmala2ika ib kil digeega til3inich, i hope u think about that before being soo proud of being wat u are.. alah la yableena inshala.

  5. cruxine Says:

    Mashkoora 3anna9ee7a, walaw enha fa’6a 3al2aa5er, bas maloomich, I know how you feel exactly. A7is be7sasich lama ashoof nas teshrab o tjahir, willa nas tetshee7a6 belma3a9i, jad ma aloomich.. Bas m3ach 7ag belexpression “alah la yableena”, ameen.. Jad Allah la yableech. Bas Allah balani. What am I supposed to do? Astir 3ala nafsi? Elli e7ib ma yegdar yamsik nafsa, yeshtiki.. egool.. e3abbir.. Shloon tetwaqa3een minni ana amsik nafsi? Etha mo gadra agool bel3alan. Allah e3afi elinternet. Jad wallah, Allah la yableech bhal3eesha.

    Mashkoora 3anna9ee7a, again, bas 9adgeeni, ma7tajha. I know what you said maybe even better than you, bas elli eeda belmai mo mithil elli eeda belnar. Lo gareeti my posts, chan 3arafti I’m not proud of who I am. But then again you probably think it’s a waste of your time, and I don’t blame you, it probably is.

    Don’t preach. Ana a3arf jismi o nafseeti a7san minnich. Allah elli 5alaq elmala2ika elli tel3anni 5alaq jismi. O akeed lah 7ekma ma a3arefha wala ta3refeenha. Allah yastir 3lei o 3leech.

    Have a nice life, miss mortified.

  6. ewww gross Says:

    ouch! *teary eyes*
    group hug

  7. suspic Says:

    As a woman in general you are sort of a product for horny old men and teenage boys, eh?

  8. cruxine Says:

    You have a point there, suspic.

  9. mortified Says:

    What should you do? So having sexual intercourses with a girl, blabbing about it on the net, and pretending like its an everyday deal is your solution? Have you considered therapy? if u realy were upset about the condition ur in, you wud hav dealt with it like any other illness.. u wud treat it and fight it. Not accept it. Dont give in to your urges and then say God put this in me for a reason.. God gave u a mind to think, and a religion to beleive in and follow.. oo intay akeed it3arfeen 8i9at 8om loo6.. may7taj agulich iyaha. alah ishafeech min nafsich inshala.

  10. cruxine Says:

    I respect your opinion, but I disagree.

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