December 28, 2008


We gave a silent promise…
It was a whisper that swept me off of my feet like Greek wind…
An electronic letter that contained my rights to your  heart, your sweet confession, the words were carved instantly on the walls of my own…

Summers passed, winters passed… We sat on so many benches, lay on so many sands, got covered in sweat under white sheets, covered in kisses, covered in bruises, lost in happiness and it’s closest friend, heartache…

We discovered continents, we explored seas, we ate sushi rolls from colorful plates, and laughed at our differences, and became intact, inseparable, provoked jealousies, and questions… We got caught a thousand times, yet never… No one had ever thought, no one had dared to think, that we might actually be each other’s sweethearts, and not best friends…

With you I was fulfilled, I needed no one… You were my travel mate, my passport, my insurance, all I needed was you on the same airplane, and no matter where I went, I was still home…

I envied your shadow, I kissed the soft skin between your toes, you were my obsession, and I was yours, you caressed my hair, fell in love with every beauty spot on my skin, saw beyond my scars, and embrassed my weaknesses…

Today, I am homeless without your love… I am like a new born, whom needs to learn to walk, and talk, and depend on herself… I miss our kisses, our days, our times…

You and I said goodbye too many times in 2008… In 2009 I will kick off single… I haven’t been single in the past 4 new year eves… I wonder if it will feel any different.

6 Responses to “Homeless”

  1. L's brain Says:

    This post stings. It hurts. Even though I kinda prefer to be tight-lipped regarding heart aches, i just want to say that yes it will feel extremely different. It’s an emotional battle/hell. It’s inner fragility beyond anyone’s comprehension. But one finds solace in the fact that it’s only a phase, regardless of how long it persists. Whoever said being single is awesome, is just a pathetic soul who has never experienced true love before. Sorry, I know this is a personal post.

    Happy new year to you.

  2. M Says:

    I realize it might not matter, but I loved this. It was so painful.

  3. KTDP Says:

    enjoy the new year. Forget the past and get drunk for the both of us.

    Also, be thankful you didn’t have to work on new years. My first day back after my self imposed sabbatical was yesterday ….

  4. cruxine Says:

    L’s Brain,
    heart ache was actually the reason I started writing.. I don’t have anyone to complain my (secret) love problems to, so I write here, to vent basically.
    You might say it’s only a phase that will pass, maybe by meeting someone new? But the only problem is I don’t want anyone new.. I still love her, adore her, every little thing. She just doesn’t see me like she used to I guess. Allah esami7 elli kanat essibab :p

    Thanks. Sorry if it pained you.

    Yup. Ouch indeed.

    Well I don’t drink, but I will try to forget anyway :p
    I am thankful for my hollidays, no doubt about that…. I don’t drink but that doesn’t mean I can’t party :p

  5. highrevver Says:

    Sorry to hear that

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