The thing about Shujoon

January 27, 2009


If you’re Kuwaiti/Arab, and familiar with Ramadan’s musalsalat, you know Shujoon El-Hajri for sure.. I was looking at some youtube clips of her and I came to the conclusion that she is one of the best actresses in the gulf especially from the new generation. I am not saying that because I’m a lesbian, and I am not saying it because I like her, because personally, she kind of annoys me.. But I have to admit that her acting is better than many well-established actresses such as Suad Abdullah whom, I honestly feel,  should have stopped after ma7’6oo’6a o mabrooka!

If you think about Shujoon’s good acting, it’s not that difficult to figure out how and why it is so. She may not be that good herself, but she is really good in comparison to others. I honestly believe that she is better than other actresses simply because she left pretending aside. She is not worried about being feminine or looking sexy, I find that the roles casted for her suit her, and she does the job well enough. There even were a couple of roles where she’s end up with layers of make up on in a scene or two, but here’s the catch: she doesn’t have layers of make up all the time. Which makes a difference, she looks natural, and therefore believable.. Her voice is her own, she doesn’t put a 7aleema Bolandish accent, and is in control of her body. She is comfortable with it. Perhaps her being boyish (I won’t say a lesbian 3ashan ma a7i6 bthemmiti) helps her in that aspect where she is not afraid to show enthusiasm, or flesh, and the flesh she shows doesn’t look prostitutish. She is not afraid to move about.. Her clothes are not 3ala kaf 3afreet or too exaggerated or too stuck to her body, so she can move in them, and express.

I wonder if there will ever be a time when 5aleejyat actresses know that what they do to themselves is pathetic and cheap. I showed an Italian friend a few clips and she almost collapsed with laughter over the layers of make up in arabic media in general. Not only girls.. Take one look at Amru Diab and you realize, even men are falling in the same trap of what looks like a masquerade. Sometimes I feel they don’t have the charisma or the guts to show themselves as they are. Although, there are so many examples in the arab world that proves that looks can be secondary. I won’t give examples, but take two seconds to think about bad looking amazing singers and you will know what I mean.

What I mean to say is, kudos Shujoon. I support the way you approach the audience. At least you don’t lie to them with fake eyelashes and puffed lips. Stay that way.

3 Responses to “The thing about Shujoon”

  1. Adrenaline Says:

    wouldn’t be great if she was a lisbo 😉

  2. i do agree with u .. she is the best so far .. and the way she dresses and her make up suits her well ..

    she needs to do sumthing about her hair roots though asap. looks very cheap.


  3. cruxine Says:

    Yeah but I bet its the flash that made them so clear..

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