January 30, 2009

Try to remember yourself when you were in school (belmitwassi6). Try to imagine how it would feel like back then, when you were that old, if it was the middle of the year and suddenly the person sitting next to you is announced to have died.

You shared pencils together..

You joked about the teacher’s old shoes..

You copied each other’s answers.. Maybe he tried and you wouldn’t let him..

Maybe the last time you saw him you teased him.. What if you never got a chance to say you’re sorry?

That person, you sit next to at least 5 hours aday, is gone.. For what? And by who?

In what right sence, in what justice, in what religion must a young boy die and be proclaimed a “shaheed”? For what cause? To whose benefit?

How do you console a mother? How do you console the boy who sat next to him for half of the year?

I ask this to all the Arab leaders, those who run with their tails between their legs. No exceptions.

image001No war is worth celebrating.


3 Responses to “Imagine..”

  1. Adrenaline Says:

    Arab leaders can’t do shit…it’s us that should

    watch this if u wana know why

  2. KTDP Says:

    Arab + Leaders = Oxymoron.

    This thing will never end ….. it’s like china Vs Russia Vs the US….. it’ll just ebb and flow forever…..

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