About L

February 24, 2009

You see them in films all the time, clumsy people. They walk and they knock tables down, they trip on anything and everything, they shoulder doors and bump into every given surface.. It’s quite exaggerated, or so you think until you meet someone like that.

The person I’m talking about is someone I really like, she’s really cool and really into what she does. But she is damn clumsy. There was one morning when she tripped on my computer charger and caused it to fly off my computer three times. Yes, three times in a row, and she does it at least once a week until I finally found a better position for it.

She’s fiddly with machines, harsh on gadgets, keeps touching my screen and leaves blobs of fingerprints on it.. She completely shocks me, I’ve never met anyone like her before.. If you have your leg spread she is bound to to trip on it.. If there’s a chair in the way, she’s bound to hit it, if you left something on the floor she’s bound to send it flying…

It’s crazy.


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