Hey legs..

February 25, 2009

Just because I don’t wear a mini skirt and black tights first thing in the morning, doesn’t mean I don’t look sexy doing it, when I do it, that is, at the right time and the right place, and not to the entire nation.. Just because I choose to keep my cleavage covered, doesn’t mean you are hotter than me..

Damn right it don’t mean a thing.

And by the way, when I got off the bus, the guy right behind you was checking me out, not you blonde-works, me, in my jeans.


4 Responses to “Hey legs..”

  1. ahok Says:

    I wish I was on that bus.

  2. Adrenaline Says:

    Same here, any chance posting photos of both legs and us voting?

    “when I got off the bus” r u in Kuwait, what bus do u ride?….i wana ride that bus 😉

  3. s7ela Says:

    Bingo! exactly, like totally right!

  4. cruxine Says:

    I’m not in Kuwait, Adrenaline :p
    And no, not posting pics of my legs.. Noway. :p

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