I maybe self-involved, but I am not “simple”…

March 5, 2009

The coffee lady in the main hall of my college has a nasty reputation. Everytime I hear someone talk about her they are complaining about her attitude..

Point of views, really… Everytime someone says something about anyone, I hardly take it into consideration… They are always too judging or too controlled by their own mentalities to give a fair and objective opinion about others… You don’t agree? Well simply recall all the things people say about you to you… It’s easy to see how people misunderstand, misinterpret, and re-define your behaviors.. Happens to me all the time.

Recently, I have been told I am self-involved by someone.

When I compare that to what my partner of about 5 years says about me, it’s almost the opposite… So who should I believe? Someone who really knows me… Or someone who’s simply passing a judgment on me based on a few months encounters?

And “simple” she called me.. Simple? Me? Simple and easy to decode, am I? She must think I’m some sort of obnoxious, bumptious twit. And the thing I hate most about myself is that I will think about this.. I will think about it again and again until I am utterly distressed. I will wonder why she said it and how she saw it in me.. Which means I will probably bring it up to her again and ask her why she said that about me.. Which will in turn mean that I am actually self involved and prove her to be right!

So I will not do it…

What I did instead is talk to that other person she critisized, the coffee lady, the one who “never smiles”.

Well, I proved her wrong, the foul-reputed coffee lady did smile to me.. In fact, we even had some random chit-chat.. All because I greeted her with a smile. And hers was lovely. She has a sunshine-bright smile that’s so genuine and vivid.. How wrong can that girl be; this lady is actually very, very nice.

So don’t judge me with your crappy presuppositions.

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