March 10, 2009

She ended the argument with “You know what? FUCK OFF! Never talk to me ever again!”

Just a reminder:

a. She is not my girlfriend, and I don’t tolerate this tone with ANYONE except my girlfriend (when I deserve it).

b. We are not 15 years old. So “never talk to me ever again” doesn’t have the same impact. I mean what the fuck? This is your grande exit line??? Seriously?!

d. She is the one I was talking about in this post.

Chinga tu madre!!!!!

4 Responses to “Biiiiiitch!!!!”

  1. KTDP Says:


    very immature of me I know ……

  2. Abdullah Says:

    girl, throw her out of your dictionary. Remember, those with negative vibes will only take you down.

    ignore her dear 😉

  3. someonehelpme Says:

    esh hal kalam?
    your girfrield 3adi et6egech?

  4. […] couple of nights ago, as you may know, I had a fight with someone I call a […]

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