Diary 2: Drop it like it’s hot..

March 11, 2009

I am lazy.

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.

I love mornings but I hate waking up.

In eliminatory school I woke up to see M, my first pathetic crush.. It used to get me out of bed, jumping to school, to see her. Recently I’ve talked to M, we came out to each other, she is a lesbian, and a “top”.. I am a top.. I was trying to top a top.. My elementary crush would have never worked out simply because our psychologies didn’t match up.

And back in college IĀ  woke up to see the girl.. The thought of her used to get me rushing out of bed… Well, untill she started waking me up with a phone call šŸ˜€ Best days!

Now, I am lazier than ever.. With no crushes in the horizon. I’ve been waking up late since I started my postgraduate studdies. Except for the past two weeks šŸ˜€


Well I found it! The reason to wake up, my spot!

It’s the breakfast in my college’s cafeteria.. I like to get my large skinny late, brie and tomato sandwitch and sit in my table.. Our cafeteria has two parts, the part where I sit is next to the main hall, so in the morning, it’s busy, but not too busy, so it still feels quiet, everyone is too tired to make too much noise.. They just talk.. And it’s really interesting to catch bits and pieces of conversation (unintentionally). Such a different world this is, so different than the same old conversations you’d hear in Starbucks in Kuwait, or Lorenzino.. Make up, bags, guys.. The same old lame gossip about flana o 3eltana.. Here it’s more diverse. You get the occasional gossip, but you also get conversations about politics, philosophy, art theory and literature.. As I said, it’s a complete different world than the halls of Kuwait University and the Cafes of the Avenues.. Even though I miss the popcorn in Avenues cinema. :p

The coffee guy loves me, and I love seeing his face in the morning.. Today he didn’t see me, the Russian lady served my coffee, and when it was ready I was staring out of the french doors into the courtyard, he called for it, and when I picked it up he said “Oh, it’s for you?” in a soft voice.. As though if he knew it was for me he would make it better.. Creamier.. Best good morning ever!

I really thought I looked too boyish for guys to crush on me, apparently I am not.

As I was sipping my coffee and munching on my chocolate muffin, and typing this post, the music from the Student Union shop was creeping to my ear making me dance in my seat.. It was Snoop Dog’s voice, not too loud, but loud enough for me to hear him telling me to “Drop it like it’s hot – Drop it like it’s hot – Drop it like it’s hot”..



6 Responses to “Diary 2: Drop it like it’s hot..”

  1. well hello there, kuwait is a lil society with repeated lame ass gossip, ugh

    on another note, its nice having a crush yeah? :p

  2. cruxine Says:

    But I don’t have a crush! HE has a crush! I’m not crushing! Well not on him at least! :p

  3. KTDP Says:

    Breakfast is as good a reason as any I suppose.

  4. L's brain Says:

    “I was trying to top a top” lol.
    I think it is possible to top a top but not vice versa. No wait I think I mixed them up, or maybe not. Ouch my head. I give up.

    How do you like your coffee?

  5. cruxine Says:

    Indeed… Especially accompanied with an episode or two of grey’s anatomy, I’m sure you can relate.. :p

    L’s brain,
    Large latte with two bags of brown sugar. I love milk and I love sugar :p

  6. L's brain Says:

    Yummy latte!

    Black, no sugar if I have lots of reading and homework.

    Hot chocolate with mint syrup when I don’t have work :p (that’s not coffee :()

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