Oh Snap!

March 13, 2009

Well it was a conversation.

It started with my classmate asking me if I ever swear..

It ended with him walking out of the building screaming “kis ommik” to every person he sees.. Worst part: with a smile!

And this is the first step into bringing my family shame. :p

note: I used to never say that word! But then that fight happened.. And no one understands arabic, sooooo…. Ummm… I’m doomed. I hope he drinks alot in the weekend and forgets it!


5 Responses to “Oh Snap!”

  1. someonehelpme Says:

    ur trippin’ my dear
    kiss 3arth el faragh el 3a6efi

  2. justme Says:

    lol same thing happened to me.. except.. it was the first not second word combined with lick.. mm u know wht never mind 😀

  3. Abdullah Says:

    interesting indeed ;P

  4. KTDP Says:

    I swear regularly …. infact it’s the only thing people seem to notice about me these days …. fucking cunts at work just keep making it worse …….

  5. Shwaish Says:

    yeah i swear quiet often hehehehe not at work though, i think thats the only place ili my vocabulary is clean…well clean-ish

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