A Feminist?

March 15, 2009

So I got a number of books about feminism and postfeminism, and I agree with 80% of what they say.. Does that make me a feminist?

All my projects at work/college are related to women oppression and giving a better life to females and how that can be achieved or better expressed. But does tat really make me a feminist?

I hate what most men do, and how they view women.. I wish they would all just lose the ideas of superiority and power.. Maybe then there won’t be a need for feminists anyway.

I may have feminist activities and ideas, but I would not label myself as a feminist.. I don’t want my actions to be viewed as those of a woman.. I want them to be viewed as those of a person first. Because that’s what i am.

If I wanted to define myself in a heirarchy it would look like this:

A person/ a woman/ a muslim / an Arab / a Kuwaiti / a bisexual.

And I care about all the oppression in the world.. Towards minorities.. Towards different colors and different religions.. Towards different nations..

I mean, think about the situation in Kuwait.. Think about the oppression foreiners go through. Not just asians, but also Arabs. Think of how many times an Egyptian would hear the phrase “into elmu9arwa” or “inta yalma9ri” in a degrading tone.. Isn’t that a form of maltreatment and abuse?

I don’t have to be a feminist to have a stand in the world.

I am a person. A man’s equal. Not his toy, not his rival either.


4 Responses to “A Feminist?”

  1. You’re being a woman is irrelevant in regards to you’re not being my equal… Silly woman.

  2. hautepocket Says:

    “I don’t want my actions to be viewed as those of a woman.. I want them to be viewed as those of a person first. Because that’s what I am.”

    Love that.

  3. I was always under the impression that a Muslim cannot have non-heterosexual preferences and that being a Muslim comes in place prior to everything else, including and most especially, nationalism.

    My 2 fils.

  4. cruxine Says:

    well mine definitely comes before nationalism.. But in order to state that I am a Muslim, I have to therefore be a human, a biological creature, a woman especially, with a conscious.. Which makes me in turn state that I am a Muslim, as in have that belief, and issue it.

    Now, having a non-heterosexual preferences (or I would rather say, not being heterosexual, as I do believe it’s not really a “choice”) is not something that I can deny about myself. And as much as I know that it conflicts with basic beliefs of Islam, I can’t suddenly change it. It’s an ongoing dilemma in my life that I don’t request approval of from anyone.

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