Denying the Holocaust

April 20, 2009

I quote yahoo! world news today:

“VIENNA – An Austrian writer has gone on trial for allegedly defending and promoting aspects of the Nazi era and publicly denying the Holocaust .

Gerd Honsik faces up to 20 years’ imprisonment if convicted of denying the occurrence of the Nazis’ systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews during World War II .”

Ok, wow, seriously!

That is one influence I wish Muslims had!


Oh, and…

“JERUSALEM – Israel is ordering its ambassador to Switzerland to return home for “consultations” to protest an anti-racism conference in Geneva where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak.

Ahmadinejad has suggested the Holocaust never happened and has called repeatedly for Israel’s destruction. He is scheduled to address the conference later Monday.”



So someone denies the Holocaust, so what!?

Aren’t these the same people who made a fuss when some cartoons offended muslims?

Seriously, everyone should grow up a little.

3 Responses to “Denying the Holocaust”

  1. eshda3wa Says:

    whats up with ppl jumping the fence whenever something is said over jews or gays ?

    seriously what is up with that

  2. Adrenaline Says:

    isn’t that part of democracy, saying what u want or what u believe in?

  3. Syndrum Says:

    To me, whether the holocaust happened as commonly believed or not, is not the issue. A person should be free to believe and say as he wants. Questioning the status quo, producing evidence for historical revisionism, and never ceasing to challenging common beliefs, is absolutely necessary so we don’t sink into an ignorant, non-thinking, FEED ME Big-B… FEED ME cultural state of serve the money-masters vegetation!

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