I’ve decided…

April 28, 2009

Since I’ve been in London for almost two years now.. And I only had crushes on girls.. I don’t think I can blame it on Kuwaiti men being so darn ugly anymore, I have to face it, I’m a fucking dyke. Bisexual no more.

I’m not your regular dyke either, I have a very specific type: straight women!

Why? Why? Why?

What are the odds?! ALL STRAIGHT?!

Let’s talk about the two women I’m crushing on right now…

1. L.

Well, she is.. Well, I don’t know.. She’s so much like her! And I don’t know if that’s a good reason, but it was a start, and then after you notice someone, you start seeing the rest of it, all the amazing things about then just start making an appearance. And there’s something about the way she talks.. She doesn’t open her mouth fully.. And her words sound from between her teeth.. Just like her!

*paper moon playing* *remembers the time we listened to that song in your car…* 

“But it wouldn’t be made-believe if you believe in me”…..

no one is like her.

Anyway, I met L’s boyfriend. And he’s a fucking greek god. What the hell?! I’m not up for this competition. And she’s getting a good laugh, isn’t she? She LIKES the fact I like her.. Ego boost? Whatever! I don’t care about your damn ego!

2. E.

Why can’t she see me?

Am I just invisible? She smiles to everyone! Why can’t she see me???! It pisses me off. Don’t you notice when someone is staring at you this much? Doesn’t she REALIZE I come here to see her? LOOK AT ME DAMN YOU!

French bitch.


“birds do it, bees do it, even educated flees do it, let’s do it, let’s fall in love…”

*remembers our days in your apartment*

And I’m wearing that perfume…. Today!

Remember dancing with me?

Who’s picking the songs today?!

*she’s making espresso coffee…..*

But I love you…. I love you… I don’t love L. And I don’t love E.. I love you… And I want you… Just you…. Is that so difficult to understand? If I found the person. Why can’t the person just find me back!?

And the irony?

I’m writing this post and this Japanese girl who’s (I think) crushing on me comes in.. And sees me.. And flutters her eye lashes like always.. And stares.. OMG I’m not imagining!!! LOL She’s staring… She’s doing EXACTLY what I’m doing to E!!!!

Happy (semi) 5th anniversary my love.


11 Responses to “I’ve decided…”

  1. Adrenaline Says:

    i think its normal, ur falling for them because they have something that you like that triggers something in you…and since u r sexually open minded and probably deprived at the moment you wouldn’t mind a relation with straight women..just like we men fantasize about dykes like you 😉

  2. KTDP Says:

    I keep having the same problem …. I keep falling for straight women out of my league …..

    oh and apologies for being ugly …….

  3. suspic Says:

    Think of Kuwaitis the glass half full way.

    In Kuwait you have less competition with straight women, since in London their boyfriends are greek gods? =O

    What’s wrong with the Japanese girl? Tap it as a ta9beera.

  4. L's brain Says:

    Brilliant decision 😉

    I love kuwaiti women. oh god. I’m racist when it comes to sex lol

  5. cruxine Says:

    You hit the bull’s eye.. I am very, very, utterly deprived.

    Apology accepted. Now do something about it. :p
    By the way, define out of your league? I though straight women kicked and shoved for a doc?

    The greek god was iranian.. IRANIAN!!!!
    And about the Japanese girl.. She looks like a doll.. She’s adorable.. Really fashionable and looks like she came out of a kick-ass-cool anime.. But she’s tiny.. Tiny… And too doll-like.. I feel like a pedophile just checking her out!!

    L’s brain,
    Kuwaiti women torture me then get married.
    It’s a lose/lose :p
    But I do look for certain “features” :p

  6. Adrenaline Says:

    suspic made me very cureous any chance we see a photo of that Jap girl?
    They all look the same after all 😉

  7. exquisite Says:

    I miss you. Missing hanging in you room. The old one. Lol remember when E was there??????? LOOOOL!!! hehehe im totally missing you 7yaty.
    So when are you visiting me? I need to cuddle up in your arms and whine :p and feed u ice cream 😀 yallah come i is waiting.

  8. KTDP Says:

    Take my medical degree for a week and see how that works for you.

  9. cruxine Says:

    I have a pic of her back, actually.. You wanna see?
    She works in the SU shop.. And I was taking a pic of it *angelic face* really, I wasn’t taking a pic of HER or anything :p

    entai.7obbi. *craves that ice cream and cuddle.

    Is it anything like grey’s anatomy? :p
    If so I’d be interested in making a trade. Do you like electricity at all? :p

  10. Adrenaline Says:

    yes, and its not that i don’t want to see her nice ass if she carry any …but am sure you can get photos of her front

  11. KTDP Says:

    I can work with electricals. All you really need to know is how to spell the following:


    oh and how to write sick leaves.

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