Thunder and rain…

May 7, 2009

He was high.. And before that he was drunk. So.. He was completely toasted.

And that’s what pisses me off the most.

I think it’s a bad thing, to be the only sober person in a crowd, you’re the only person who remembers everything.. All the silly details that mean absolutely nothing.

He was rolling my cigarette – I didn’t get the hang of rolling yet – a regular cigarette.. I was standing next to him waiting like a good girl.. And then he did it.. When he licked the cigarette.. He licked it excessively.. And he was looking at me.. With his tongue out.. Licking the cigarette.. His hazel eyes blood shot.. High he was.. And the whole thing was completely sexual.. And there was thunder in my  body.. Thunder then rain..

The cigarette was completely wet.. I smoked tobacco, his breath, his saliva, his obscene flirting – which he probably doesn’t remember – and.. I can’t stop thinking! About that mouth.. That tongue.. These eyes.. Damn you! And there I was, all lesbian-decided and crap! All it takes is one man’s 3 seconds effort.

9 Responses to “Thunder and rain…”

  1. KTDP Says:

    “one mans 2 second effort”

    you actually mean half wasted completely drunk half hearted effort to impress …..

    a little blunt …. I apologize ….

  2. cruxine Says:

    No no it’s true.. I know it’s meaningless.. 🙂

  3. hautepocket Says:

    Isn’t that always how it works out? Just when we think we’ve figured something out… 🙂

  4. Adrenaline Says:

    sounds good…so we might have something going after all 😉

  5. ihopeso Says:

    im sad your orientation is still undecided
    u shouldve licked his lips just to get an answer and get it over with..

  6. suspic Says:

    It seems you’re oriented to hump anyone/thing..willing. =O

  7. exquisite Says:

    =o hump anything ?

    Boy I feel special.

  8. suspic Says:

    You’re the humpee? =O

  9. cruxine Says:

    Oh, nice suspic.. very slick!

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