On different matters..

May 13, 2009

I thought I was light from the worry of evny (7asad) but apparently I was wrong.. Or maybe I’m right in being worried. Let’s just say there’s this woman living with me.. She played with my hair once and said woooow it’s nice and thick. She looked through it at my roots and praised how clear they were (as if everyone alive should have dandruff – or else!).. Now, after only about 5 months, my hair is half the volume it used to be, and, amazingly, I have dandruff! *is so happy*

Alright, so yes, I do wince when I say my weight and she gasps,  and when she counts on her fingers how many times I went back home this year. And the list goes on. It’s incredible how frustrated I am at her. And.. Last night.. I was cooking in the kitchen and she had her eyes on my meal the whole time.

“Wow” is something I used to take as a compliment. Now I just wince whenever I hear her say it.

on different matters:

I got over my crush on the spanish guy.

The Jap girl flirts with everything that walks on two legs when I am in the room.

I’m “studying” in the library everyday from 11 to 4. What I’m really doing (most of the time) is reading twilight on my computer. Which is a problem, because I’m 25 now. I’m not supposed to be crushing on a 17 year old FICTIONAL vampire. AND Stephenie Meyer can’t write crap, really.

8 Responses to “On different matters..”

  1. suspic Says:

    My god! I had the same hair problem!

    This guy with ruggid curly hair always touched my hair and went “WWWOW NA3IM! 7ATHIK!”.

    Weeks later I had some sort of skin problem to my sculp.

    The same guy “WOW”ed at my car’s tires, and hours later when I was driving home I got a flat tire. Keep in mind I was dead tired driving home from his camp in Nuwaiseeb at 2AM.

  2. KTDP Says:

    drnik more, worry less and kick her out …..

  3. Adrenaline Says:

    i just read KTDP comment …drink more, worry less and LICK her out !!
    what a perv mind i have

  4. cruxine Says:

    But I don’t drink :/

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