Being bi, kuwaiti, and blogging about it..

June 21, 2009

This is inspired by a comment in the about me section:

“there is nothing interesting about being bi but being bi, kuwaiti, and bloggin about it is.”

It’s funny to call it interesting… I think it’s just sad.. Very very sad.

Maybe I wouldn’t need to blog about it if my 12 years long best friend wouldn’t think I was a freak. Or if my parents wouldn’t marry me off to any man if they found out what I was. Or if all my new friends didn’t assume bisexuals were promiscuous.. Or if I could ask a girl out who wasn’t straight.. Or if the love of my life was a man, not a woman, maybe then we’d be able to be together.

I don’t know about interesting.

5 Responses to “Being bi, kuwaiti, and blogging about it..”

  1. ktdp Says:

    you actually care what people think.

    I get atleast 10 pieces of hate mail per post …..

  2. Adrenaline Says:

    ya do that, i wish i could do it but literary 😉

  3. suspic Says:

    You’re bisexual which’s typically odd to Kuwaitis, you have a funny sense of humor and you’re a girl. That pretty much qualifies you to be reading material. =O

  4. metilton Says:

    It’s tough. Very very tough. But you seem quite gentle in the way you handle being all three…and that makes you even more than interesting.

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