I’m 25, now what?

July 3, 2009

The first major birthday was 18… Then 20 was a bit depressing (though I was getting loads of it at 20, those were the days!) now I’m 25, OH CRAP!

So, 3annast, officially, yuppeeee!! My mommy and daddy are so proud. They wanted to fix me up with a musician, as if I needed more G in the Gay of my life. And he was so sweet and soft. I would have spanked him and showed him who’s his daddy. But then again I like my men straight. Oh well. Better luck for him next time, with the next top he crosses I guess.

Seriously, a musician!? So I’m supposed to be the main provider of the family? Well, considering that my money brain is as big as a peanut. 50000sh zawaj.

The other guy, not so long ago, was a total psycho. He thought I was talking to other guys. Eh? Well, I don’t blame him too much.. I was talking to others.. But they were girls!

Question for the guys: does that count as cheating?

I mean.. If you found your wife ge22in i2 on with a little lady, is that bad? Guys fantasize about that don’t they? Well, serves him right then. LOL

Then there was abu 3yoon 3asalya, ya lahwi 3leh. So cute. A bit too cute though.. But he talks weird. Like he’s on a mic. And his hands were smaller than mine. Makes me think about other small possibilities. The rest should go unsaid.

Yes, 3annast. Whatever. If I was a guy I would have been married long ago, I already found the lady of my dreams. With guys, it’s a little more difficult I guess.. Kuwaiti guys jyakir, I say it again, and boring, and sa67eyeen. And lots of them are gay. I don’t want to be anyone’s beard. Mo kafi he will be mine?!

I think this is the nastiest post I’ve written in ages. Well, I’m 25! Nasty old bitch.

5 Responses to “I’m 25, now what?”

  1. KTDP Says:

    poly-amori is totally cool by me …..

  2. suspic Says:

    Guys would only like it if you let them join.

  3. Adrenaline Says:

    “wife ge22in i2 on with a little lady” is something to fantasize about, came these posts comin 😉

  4. Cute Linda Says:

    Nice site. Very professional looking. Thanks!

  5. hautepocket Says:

    I’ll turn 25 in a couple weeks and I am *not* excited!

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