The heat wave…

July 3, 2009

Everyone seems so happy about it… The radio talks about it cheerfully like it’s an early christmas, and people are sunbathing in the streets… It’s all two well until you try to work in this weather! I’m supposed to be submitting final projects very soon.. Haven’t started working.. I always feel like my head is boiling.. Don’t they know it’s global warming? They cut trees in my street the other day.. What the hell is wrong with these people?

I come from a 45+ degrees country (not to mention the dust, of course) but to my astonishment, I am not used to sweating.. In fact it’s a very strange sticky sensation that I have to admit isn’t too bad (until people start to smell in the buses/trains).. But then again, it is torture when you’re trying to get things done, or when you’re carrying groceries back home.. I’m not sure I like sweating very much right about then.. And I find myself saying Allah y3iz elkuwait.. We’re so spoilt we don’t even know how to sweat!

The heat makes me crave the beach.. Can’t wait to go home and swim. The thing about London I hate the most is that it doesn’t have a sea side.. The river is tiny, so it doesn’t count, and it’s usually a dankly shade of grey.

My friend wanted me to go with her to see harrods the other day, she’s never been.. I didn’t want to say no because I enjoy her company, but I was dreading the trip all day.. What’s in harrods? Well, herds of Kuwaitis.. Not something I would mind being homesick at the moment, but when you consider how Kuwaitis stare. I can’t hide under a bleached head.. In the end of the day, I look kuwaiti, mako roo7 ta3al.


There are loads of Kuwaitis in London.. LOADS.. But you only see them in some places, they don’t branch out at all.. They miss out on all the beautiful spots because they only know a few. I think I would make an excellent travel guide for London, I think.. Or maybe not, I’m not sure anyone will be interested in parks or galleries. :p

Ok, better start doing some mechanics before the sun decides to come out again.


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