July 24, 2009

yel3an om eldinya lama tdoos 3leena.

I’m so alone. B7yati I never felt this lonely before.. I am so lonely kan weddi anzil min elsayara o alim elbnaya elli yammi elli ga3da te66anaz 3lei weya elli yamha l2anni ga3da abchi.

Ma amsik 3lech ay ‘3ala6 yalghalya.

Min kithir ma enti 9a7 a9lan madri shloon ta7ammalti 5ams sneen m3a a77ad ‘3ala6 ‘3ala6 ‘3ala6 nafsi.

Yel3am om eldinya elli tbahthilna.

Etha kil hannas 7awalei…. Lesh a7is enni broo7i?

3 Responses to “Nikad.”

  1. e7mood Says:

    hmmm hey look law ag3ad min now lai bacher trying to say things that make u feel better i couldnt !!! am just gana say when ur in the darkness of the night u have to just wait for dawn to come…. just wait !!

  2. l Says:

    It’s just a phase. You will pass it. This is a problem everyone who has been in love before face. Once you fall in love, nothing else satisfies the heart. You will feel lonely until you find someone to fill the void in your hear.

  3. lana Says:

    This is my first time to write a comment in your blog.

    first, i really hope u r okay now.

    second, i know how u feel so lonely when your heart had been broken and u want so bad to talk to someone about it but u cant coz no one will understand.
    one of things i had done is keeping a journal, i write my feelings there for no one but me. its like talking to someone but instead u r talking to papers this time.

    finally, i am a strong believer that any human being deserve a second, a third, …etc chance because we learn from our mistakes and everyone who show the determination to change, deserve more chances. unless kan shai chayied.

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