Sexual Education

August 11, 2009

I was watching al-jazeera with my mom and dad tonight and there was that show where two people have opposing opinions and usually end up fighting (eletijah elmu3akis), and they were talking about sexual education.

My mom was with having sexual education is school, my dad was against.. And I am definitely  against.. Knowing teenagers more than anyone else in the house, I don’t think they need sexual education at all. I do believe though that parents should teach their own children some sexual “a5laq”, not explicit, but according to age.

My problem was that my parents were (and still kind of are) patients of technical deficiency.. The language of computers and Internet has no echo in their minds, and so “parental control” was never an option for them.. So I was explicitly sexually educated at a very early age.. And I talked to so many weirdos – really old weirdos – online.. I was honestly convinced of meeting a couple of them and being in a sub/dom relationship with older MEN. I was 15, they were over 50, and the only thing that kept me from doing it is the distance. I was in Kuwait, one was in LA, and the other NJ.

So no, I am not with sexual education. I am with technological education for PARENTS. Otherwise their children will end up like me. :p


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